Indonesian, intimate coming-of-age drama about a high school girl who wants to go to university, but her traditional family expects her to get married as soon as possible.

Last chance
Please note that this film is in Indonesian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Yuni is a teenage girl with a passion for the colour purple, a bunch of good friends and typical teenage views. Her loving family is more bound to tradition than she is. Yuni plans to stay single and get a college scholarship, but that goal gets out of sight when marriage proposals start to arrive. She wants to reject them all, but an old Indonesian myth says that a woman who rejects a marriage proposal three times will never marry again. Yuni’s grandmother therefore urges her not to refuse the ‘blessing’ of a marriage proposal. With each passing day, at home and at school, Yuni sees her horizons closing in.

In YUNI, lead actress Arawinda Kirana makes her feature film debut. It is a mesmerising performance. Kirana convincingly portrays a teenager who is both hesitant and sure about what she desires from her future.

Kamila Andini, Indonesian, France, Singapore, Australia, 2021, 95 min. Indonesian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Arawinda Kirana, Asmara Abigail, Sekar Sari, Marissa Anita, Dimas Aditya..