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Film programme in our cinema

We can go to the movies again! Our film projectors are back on, but we need you to really shine. Let's celebrate, at a safe distance, that we can meet again and fall in love with film. Because film lights up our lives while we're together i...

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Stay at home cinema: watch Lumière films from your couch

Picl gives you access to films that you'd normally see on Lumière's big screen. By watching films via Pic, you support Lumière, because part of the purchase amount goes to the film theatre. ...

Restaurant Café

Open daily from 12 AM
Our Restaurant Café is built in the old power station of the Sphinx Factories. We're open daily from 12:00 hrs, enjoy the most delicious dishes and refreshing drinks on the Bassin, with gorgeous views over the water.

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Lumiere Card

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Lumiere Lab

Lumiere LAB: movietips & workshops


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Lumière festively receives its first film visitors after the temporary closure

Lumière Cinema just received its first film visitors after the movie theater had to close its doors for eleven weeks because of the corona virus. Lumière has taken the necessary measures to be able to receive film, restaurant and terrace...

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Precautions at Lumière

On Monday June 1st, we can finally reopen! We're taking a couple of precautions to make sure your visit will be both as pleasant and safe as possible. No symptoms? Then you're more than welcome!...

Lumiere Live

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