The Lumière Passie

Profit from your passion.

Indulge your passion and enjoy all the great films showing at Lumière.

Passion makes life vibrant, and without it, things can get quite mundane. Lumière has the perfect solution to infuse passion into your days. For just €20, the Lumière Passie not only grants you a €3,50 discount on your cinema ticket but also opens the door to exclusive special deals and film events throughout the entire year. With your Lumière Passie, you actively contribute to supporting Lumière, ensuring we continue to bring you the most extraordinary, thought-provoking, and memorable films.

  • €3,50 discount on all films screened at Lumière for one year
  • 1 free cinema ticket
  • special deals
  • exclusive passie events

For any queries related to the Lumière Passion Pass or if you intend to cancel your subscription, kindly reach out to us via email at

‘Everything I learned I learned from the movies.’ ― Audrey Hepburn

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