Lumière Cinema cookie policy – specifics

Lumière The Lumière Cinema – website makes use of cookies. Cookies-files allow our site to save user-preferences, provide certain features and to register how people navigate through the website. These cookie-files are send automatically by our website to the personal computers of all visitors to www.lumiè and subsequently are stored on the hard drives of these computers.

Cookies being used by the Lumière website

These are the cookies that are set by our website:

Name of the cookie Maximum years of storage Function
Google Analytics 2 Google Analytics is a service that is provided by Google and helps Lumière to get insight in the way our visitors use the Lumière-website.

Google Analytics

Our website makes use of Google Analytics-cookies. Google Analytics is a website statistics service that is currently the most widely used service of its kind. We make use of this service because it is valuable for us to learn how our visitors use the Lumière-website. The information gathered through Google Analytics can be used for analysis that will make it possible for us to continually improve our website. There is a possibility that by law Google could be required to hand over their collected data to third parties. If so, this would be outside Lumière’s influence. Lumière itself would never pass on information to third parties.

The information we gather has been rendered ‘anonymous’ as much as possible, permitting us to analyse the data without having to infringe on the privacy of our users. The IP-addresses are never disclosed to us and Lumière Cinema will never allow Google to use this information for any other of its services.

Social media –cookies

Our website makes use of plugins that allow our users to share pages on Facebook and Instagram. These plugins function through the use of certain cookies. Please refer to the privacy statements on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about the exact policies of these social networking sites.

Browser settings

If for any reason you do not want to receive any more cookies from the Lumière-website, you can modify your browser settings to block all incoming cookies or to receive notification when our website attempts to send cookies. More information on these settings can be found in the help-menu of your web browser.