In The Mood For Love (4K)

The highlight in Wong Kar Wai's oeuvre is this stunning love waltz about two neighbours who discover that their mutual husbands are in a relationship.

Please note that this film is in Cantonese, Shanghainese, French and Spanish, with Dutch subtitles.
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Hong Kong, 1962: Chow Mo-wan and Su Li-zhen move into neighbouring apartments on the same day. Their encounters are formal and polite – until a discovery about their spouses creates an intimate bond between them. 

At once delicately mannered and visually extravagant, IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is a masterful evocation of romantic longing and fleeting moments. With its aching soundtrack and exquisitely abstract cinematography by Christopher Doyle and Mark Lee, this film has been a major stylistic influence on the past two decades of cinema and is a milestone in Wong’s redoubtable career.

Wong Kar Wai, Hong Kong, China, 2000, 98 min. Cantonese, Shanghainese, French & Spanish spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Maggie Cheung, Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Ping Lam Siu, Tung Cho ‘Joe’ Cheung, Rebecca Pan..