Opening Night | Twin Peaks 2017 (season 3) Episode 1&2 (sold out)

Exclusive cinema premiere of Twin Peaks 2017 (season 3) Episode 1&2. It is happening again! Prior to the screening, Stijn Huijts (artistic director Bonnefantenmuseum) and David Deprez (artistic director Lumière) will give a short introduction.

This screening is part of the opening night. Dress code: Red Room.
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Fans of the show had been speculating about it for years, but in 2017 the iconic TV series TWIN PEAKS finally returned. Twenty-five years after the murder of Laura Palmer we return to the suburban town of Twin Peaks. Although the series rejects nostalgia, various members of the original cast return. Lucy still runs the reception of the local police station in her own, inimitable way. In the Double R Diner, Shelly and Norma serve ‘damn good coffee’. And of course Kyle MacLachlan returns as FBI agent Dale Cooper, still fond of cherry pie and black coffee.
In this third season of TWIN PEAKS, Cooper is seemingly stuck in the Black Lodge. He is told that he can only leave if his doppelganger comes back. Lumière Cinema shows the first two episodes of this new TWIN PEAKS season on the big screen.

David Lynch, USA, 2017, 120 min. English spoken, without subtitles. With Kyle MacLachlan, Sheryl Lee, Michael Horse, Chrysta Bell, Miguel Ferrer, David Lynch.