Zero Days

Documentary thriller by Alex Gibney (ENRON: THE SMARTEST GUYS IN THE ROOM) about a black ops cyber-attack launched by the U.S. and Israel on an Iranian nuclear facility. This attack unleashed malware with unforeseen consequences.

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The Stuxnet virus infiltrated its pre-determined target only to spread its infection outward, ultimately exposing systemic vulnerabilities that threatened the very safety of the planet. Although to this day officially denied, Stuxnet was created by two allied forces who were each pursuing their own agendas, and in doing so opened up the Pandora’s box of cyber warfare. This story of a source code that caused severe damage outside cyberspace becomes a cautionary tale about the dangers of unfettered technologies and uncontrolled political power.

Alex Gibney, USA, 2016, 116 min. English, Persian, German & French spoken, English subtitles.