Zagros + Q&A

Zagros is a drama and love story about the influence of adultery, lies and doubts on a Kurdish couple and the power of cultural traditions and customs that manifest themselves across borders. 

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When Havin, a Kurdish shepherd’s wife, is accused of infidelity she flees to Belgium. Zagros is convinced that his wife is innocent and travels after her to make a new start together in Brussels. However, doubts arise when it appears that Havin hasn’t told the whole truth. Zagros is thrown back and forth between the love for his wife and the old traditions in his culture. ZAGROS has been awarded the Grand Prix for Best Film at Film Fest Gent.

About Sahim Omar Kalifa
The Belgian-Kurdish film director Sahim Omar Kalifa (1980), originally from Iraq, has build a new life in Belgium. After attending the Film Academy, he made a number of frequently awarded short films such as the Berlin-awarded short LAND OF THE HEROES. His short films BAGHDAD MESSI and BAD HUNTER were both shortlisted for the Academy Awards. Lumière met Sahim Omar Kalifa several years ago while presenting his short film BAGHDAD MESSI at the film theatre. We are very much looking forward to meet the director again in Lumière’s new theatre.

Sahim Omar Kalifa, 2017, 102 min. Kurdish & Dutch spoken, English subtitles. With Halima Ilter, Feyyaz Duman, Daria Hachem Mohamed Gulli, Suat Üsta.