Zagros - English subtitled

When she is accused of infidelity, Havin, a Kurdish shepherd’s wife, flees to Belgium. Her husband Zagros believes her and follows his wife to the West, only to be plagued by doubts once he is there. The film has been awarded the Grand Prix for Best Film at Film Fest Gent.

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The young shepherd, Zagros, is completely happy in the mountains of Turkish Kurdistan. His wife Havin feels a lot less at home. Some people in the village think she is too outspoken and who knows what such a modern, independent woman might get up to. When a carpet seller from her hometown starts boasting that he has had a relationship with her, Havin is harshly called to order by Zagros’ family. Havin decides to flee the country. Furious at his relatives, Zagros decides to follow her. But once he arrives in Brussels, little remains of his certainties; what does remain is the pressure that his family exerts on him. This powerful drama skilfully carries us along in the narrow-mindedness that gradually takes hold of Zagros.

Sahim Omar Kalifa, Belgium, 2017, 102 min. Kurdish & Dutch spoken, English subtitles. With Halima Ilter, Feyyaz Duman, Daria Hachem Mohamed Gulli, Suat Üsta.