Women Talking

Urgent, fearless drama by Sarah Polley about sexual abuse in a closed faith community. With Claire Foy, Frances McDormand, Rooney Mara and Jessie Buckley. The film won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

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Reeling from multiple counts of sexual abuse, newly uncovered within their Mennonite colony, a group of women gather in a hayloft to discuss how to respond. While the men are away, the women narrow their options down to three: do nothing, stay and fight, or leave. Some fear that any act of defiance will jeopardize their entry into heaven, while others believe they cannot survive without husbands and sons. Some are willing to take any measures to escape the terror of their domestic lives.

With her first feature in almost a decade, Polley showcases her unmatched skills as both a screenwriter and a director. The film is at once ferocious in its critique of patriarchal oppression – a critique that clearly extends to our broader, secular culture – while respectful of the beliefs and traditions in which its characters were raised. Though it is suffused with the pain of trauma, a stubborn sense of wonder and quiet joy in community permeate the film.

Featuring riveting, emotionally complex performances from a stunning ensemble cast, WOMEN TALKING is a drama of harrowing revelations, fraught alliances, and the search for grace. (Source:

Sarah Polley, USA, 2022, 107 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Frances McDormand, Claire Foy, Rooney Mara, Jessie Buckley, Ben Wishaw, Michelle McLeod..