Wild Rose

Endearing and uplifting portrait of Rose-Lynn, a raw yet talented young woman from Glasgow who dreams of a career as a country singer.

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After a one-year prison sentence, Rose-Lynn is free once again. The first stop is a boyfriend, the second her mother, who looks after Lynn's children aged five and eight. To the great annoyance of her mother only her big dream counts, her children and all the rest come in second place. To somewhat regain control of life, Rose-Lynn decides to work as a housekeeper for the well-off Susannah. She is very impressed with Lynn's singing skills and makes every effort to get her to America. This works, but the question remains: does the birthplace of country music recognize the potential of Rose-Lynn?

Rose-Lynn is played by Jessie Buckley (BEAST), who at times reminds of Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders: not only because of her physical appearance, but also because of her beautiful voice, which will definitely set your teeth at edge.

Tom Harper, UK, 2018, 101 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Julie Walters, Jessie Buckley, Craig Parkinson, Sophie Okonedo, Jamie Sives.