Who Will Write Our History + Introduction Prof Georgi Verbeeck

Documentary on the Ringelblum Archive: a secret archive created by Jewish historian Emanuel Ringelblum containing thousands of eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust.

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In November 1940, after the Nazis sealed 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, a vital insurgency took root – not of the sword, but of the pen. A group of scholars, journalists, and community leaders led by the historian Emanuel Ringelblum formed a secret resistance, vowing to strike back at Nazi propaganda by documenting the truth. Codenamed Oyneg Shabes, the organization gathered thousands of testimonies from Warsaw natives and refugees from other localities. Retrieved after the war from metal boxes and milk cans buried beneath the ruins of the ghetto, it is perhaps the most important collection of original material compiled by Jews during the Holocaust. This documentary mixes writings from the Ringelblum Archive with interviews, rarely seen footage, and stunning dramatizations to tell this story for the first time on film – a story of the fight for truth alongside the fight for survival. (source: New York Jewish Film Festival)

Before the screening of WHO WILL WRITE OUR HISTORY Prof Georgi Verbeeck will give an introduction. Georgi Verbeeck is an Associate Professor of Modern History and Political Culture at Maastricht University and a parttime (Full) Professor of German History at the KU Leuven.

Time schedule:

19.15 - Doors open
19.30 - Start introduction
19.45 - Start documentary
21.20 - End

Roberta Grossman, USA, 2018, 95 min. English, Jiddisch & Polish spoken, English subtitles.