Whispering Sands (+ short film: Brotherhood)

A Canadian traveller of Arab descent is guided through the desert by a Bedouin guide. She is looking for a nameless waterfall, but tells him nothing else about her destination.

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Her guide is much more talkative: while visiting the places of his childhood along the way, he connects personal memories to stories from the Sufi tradition. Deserted and partly collapsed buildings are the only tangible remnants of the world he so vividly evokes.
With simple means, Tunisian filmmaker Nacer Khemir (BAB’ AZIZ) constructs a story that interweaves the past, the present and the future, and which reveals the poetry and spiritual wealth of Sufism.

The screening of Whispering Sands will be preceded by the short film Brotherhood (Meryam Joobeur, Canada, Tunisia, Qatar, Sweden 2018, 25 min.): A shepherd is faced with a moral dilemma when his son returns from Syria with his pregnant bride. They are clearly in need of help and protection, but are they entitled to it? This award-winning short film addresses a burning current issue.

Nacer Khemir, Tunisia, 2018, 95 min. Arabic spoken, English subtitles. With Hichem Rostok, Dorra Zarrouk.