Waves of Burlesque

Documentary about three women who discover in the world of burlesque what it means to express yourself without shame. But in daily life, this is met with prejudices.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, English and Latvian, with Dutch subtitles.
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For the performers, burlesque is a ritual in which they free themselves from shame. They express a side of their character that is suppressed in everyday life. Dance, theatre and striptease form a provocative act that often tells a personal story. Through their burlesque alter ego, they push their own boundaries and thus those of their audience. But there is a social taboo on sexual self-expression, and performing as a burlesque artist sometimes has consequences in daily life.

In this short documentary, we meet Sofia La Notte, who takes her first steps into the world of burlesque and has yet to convince those around her. Bustie La Tish searches for a way to express herself in the outside world, but also within the tradition of burlesque. And we listen to the story of Mechteld Geesing, who was fired because of a lingerie shoot for Panorama magazine.

In WAVES OF BURLESQUE, we discover what drives them or holds them back. The documentary explores the double standard around sexual expression, both in ourselves and in society.

Colina van Bemmel, Netherlands, 2022, 27 min. Dutch, English & Latvian spoken, Dutch subtitles.