In a small town everything seems to have stopped. Lana, a rebellious teenager couldn’t imagine that the rumour of a mermaid would wake her town and give her the possibility to finally live.

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Teenage Lana whiles away the hours in her hometown Kiryat Yam, a run-down beachside community on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. She hangs out with a trio of shiftless boys, keeps an eye on her precocious cousin Tamar, and dreams up an impending move to Tel Aviv, all while waiting for the moment when her mother’s café finally bankrupts her family. But the sudden arrival of an attractive writer, Tchipi, may present a solution for both boredom and bottom lines. He spins a local myth into a news report of a mermaid sighting offshore – bringing people back to the city’s beaches. Now, the locals just need to turn this mermaid mania into an event big enough to bring hope and excitement back into their lives.
In her narrative feature debut, director Keren Ben Rafael blends Lana’s coming-of-age tale with elements torn from fantasy and the headlines alike – after all, mermaids have indeed been reported off the Kiryat Yam coast. (source:

Keren Ben Rafael, France, Israël, Belgium, 2018, 90 min. Hebrew spoken, English subtitles. With Joy Rieger, Michael Aloni, Manuel Elkaslassy, Evgenia Dodina.