Twin Peaks S03E08 / White Light White Heat

In this inventive and breathtaking Twin Peaks episode, David Lynch takes the viewer back in time. Attention: this is an European cinema premiere!

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An atomic test explosion in 1945, shown in slow motion, is used as the basis for an hour in which storylines freely jump around in time and space, as if it were an exercise in free association. Not much different than the director has done since his debut ERASERHEAD, in short, but visually more astonishing than ever before. Add to that a performance by cult band Nine Inch Nails, a possessed doppelgänger and some colourful, unclear figures, and it is clear again that Lynch's subconscious knows absolutely no limits. Or, as The Guardian wrote: "Arguably the most avant-garde piece or mainstream television since the show's initial run". That’s completely true.

Screenings on:

Friday 12 April, 22.00hrs
Friday 12 April, 23.00hrs

This screening is part of Museumnacht Maastricht 2019. The screening is free, also if you don't have a ticket for Museumnacht. It's not possible to make a reservation.

, without subtitles.