The Watermelon Woman + Introduction & discussion

Original mix of mockumentary and comedy about a black lesbian filmmaker researching black actresses in old Hollywood films for her debut. Included in Sight & Sound’s list of best films of all time.

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Cheryl Dunye’s perceptive debut gave the world of cinema something that had not been seen on the big screen before: a vivid portrayal of black lesbian identity by a black lesbian filmmaker. Cheryl – a role of director Cheryl Dunye – plays a clerk in a video store and aspiring filmmaker whose interest in forgotten black actresses leads her to research an obscure 1930s actress known as the Watermelon Woman. Her story turns out to have surprising similarities to Cheryl’s own life.

Before the screening of THE WATERMELON WOMAN students of United World College will give an introduction. After the screening, there will be a discussion with the students.

Cheryl Dunye, 1996, 85 min. English spoken, without subtitles. With Cheryl Dunye, Guinevere Turner, Valarie Walker, Lisa Marie Bronson, Cheryl Clarke.