Lumière x IN-EDIT: The Sparks Brothers

Music documentary by Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) about the wondrous brother duo Sparks: active for fifty years, enormously influential and at the same time still underappreciated.

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Sparks is your favourite band’s favourite band, and soon to be yours too. Whether or not you’re aware of it, Sparks not only scored a huge in the mid-seventies – THIS TOWN AIN’T BIG ENOUGH FOR BOTH OF US – they likely had a hand in something you’re fond of. This is a band that has been in the background of almost every art form across the last fifty years. Growing up in the ‘60s, Los Angeles brothers Russ and Ron got by on a heavy diet of popcorn matinees and pop music until the spotlight of school talent shows illuminated their way on a musical journey that has so far spawned 25 studio albums.

It should come as no surprise to those familiar with the mind behind such comedies as BABY DRIVER that Edgar Wright’s debut documentary, THE SPARKS BROTHERS, is an absolute delight. Wright’s spirited vision brings five decades of invention to life through nutty animations and interviews with a who’s who of cool, and by digging deeply into the band’s rich, career-spanning archive. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, this charming love letter to innovation, music, and two rebel artists just might make this the biggest year yet for the brothers named Sparks.

This screening is a collaboration with IN-EDIT. This is a music documentary festival featuring new international and Dutch music documentaries, taking place between April 1 and 10 in Amsterdam.

Edgar Wright, UK, USA, 2021, 142 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles.
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