The Seven Year Itch

A wonderful carefree comedy with a radiant Marilyn Monroe as the perfect blonde bombshell. The film secured her status as the ultimate Hollywood icon.

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When his family goes away for the summer, a so far faithful husband is tempted by a beautiful neighbour. In the eponymous play on which the film is based, they actually share the bed, but the American censorship committee in the 1950s still adhered to the rule that adultery should never be the subject of a comedy. Billy Wilder came up with a solution and suggests adultery without ever showing it.
THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH was recorded in New York. Thousands of people were watching when Wilder wanted to record the famous scene with Monroe on top of a subway grate. All this to the great dismay of her then husband, baseball player Joe DiMaggio. After several failed takes, the scene was finally shot in the studio. The famous photo does not come from the film itself.

Billy Wilder, USA, 1955, 105 min. English spoken, without subtitles. With Marilyn Monroe, Tom Ewell, Evelyn Keyes, Sonny Tufts, Robert Strauss.