The Outsider - English subtitled

In his second feature film, Béla Tarr portrays a talented violinist who destroys his career and his marriage with alcohol and anti-social behaviour.

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Aimless young musician András drifts through a series of jobs – and women – in a Budapest that offers little possibility of la vie bohème. In a bar, he meets Kata and the two soon marry, despite their limited means and the fact that András already has a child from a previous relationship. They do not live happily ever after.

A finely wrought portrait of everyday despair, THE OUTSIDER pulls us deeply into the lives of ordinary people struggling to survive in a society that can find no place for them. (source: Lincoln Center)

Béla Tarr, Hungary, 1981, 122 min. Hungarian & Slovak spoken, English subtitles. With András Szabó, Jolan Fodor, Imre Donkó, István Balla, Ferenc Jánossy.