Film & Breakfast: The Man Who Stole Banksy | Meet Maastricht Festival

Fascinating documentary about the legendary, anonymous street artist Banksy, who left a controversial mural in Bethlehem in 2007. The work was cut out the wall and sold, and subsequently went on a world tour.

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It was a taxi driver who took the initiative to cut out DONKEY DOCUMENTS and put the piece of concrete for sale on eBay. From dusty Bethlehem, the 4-ton-heavy artwork travelled to museums and rich art collectors, to eventually be put up for sale at an art auction in Los Angeles.

In this documentary this event is part of a larger story about the rise of street art and property law in general. Street artists like Banksy paint in public places and engage in illegal activities. As a result, they keep their identity secret. But what if the anonymous works are stolen and offered for sale? When shadowy figures claim to preserve wall art for art’s sake? Is this public ownership or theft? For answers, filmmaker Proserpio talks to colourful residents from Bethlehem, lawyers, art lovers and art dealers.

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Marco Proserpio, Italy, 2018, 93 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Iggy Pop.
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