The Last Male on Earth

The story of the last male specimen of a rare rhinoceros and the human tragicomedy that unfolds around him.

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In March 2018, the last male northern white rhino remaining on earth died. His name was Sudan, and after 42 years on this planet he had lived his – and his species’ – life to the very end. THE LAST MALE ON EARTH shows his last years on earth. Ever since he was the last one, armed bodyguards protected him, tourists were standing in line to take a photo with him, journalists rushed to Kenya to tell his story and, still now, scientists are determined to find ways to reproduce his species. What is so attractive about the threat of extinction? How does this reflect on us?

The film will be introduced (language: English) by Dr. Raf de Bont (Maastricht University). In his introduction, de Bont will discuss the history of extinction.

19.30hrs opening Barbara Strating
19.33hrs lecture Raf de Bont
19.48hrs start film
21.00hrs start Q&A Raf de Bont, moderator Barbara Strating
21.30hrs end

Floor van der Meulen, Netherlands, 2019, 72 min. English, Swahili, Czech & Italian spoken, English subtitles.
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