The Last Bus

The Last Bus is a heart-warming film about love and loss. A film that reminds us that we are not alone - we're all on this ride together.

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In THE LAST BUS, British actor Timothy Spall (MR. TURNER, SECRETS & LIES) plays 90-year-old widower Tom Harper. We follow him on a journey from his home of the last fifty years – a remote village in the north of Scotland – to his birthplace near Lands’ End, the most southerly point of England. Some seventy years ago, his wife asked him to take her with him, as far away from Land's End as possible. Now Tom is returning. During the journey – a trip of over a thousand kilometres via a seemingly endless series of bus connections – flashbacks reveal why Tom and his wife left back then, but also why Tom wants to return. His journey becomes a struggle against time, his age and fate. The film also is an ode to a generation that does not whine, that is well-mannered and aware of the importance of solidarity.

Gillies MacKinnon, UK, United Arab Emirates, 2022, 86 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Timothy Spall, Phyllis Logan, Natalie Mitson, Ben Ewing, Patricia Panther.