The Albanian Virgin

Albanian drama about a woman trying to break away from the marriage traditions of her patriarchal native region.

Please note that this film is in Albanian, with Dutch subtitles.
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Albania, 1958. It is the time of the communist regime of dictator Enver Hoxha. Luana lives with her family in a remote village in the Albanian mountains. During her childhood, Agim is her best friend. Thanks to him, she learns to read and think for herself. Their friendship slowly turns into love, but as the daughter of a prominent village leader, Luana is not allowed to choose who she marries. Luana decides to respect her family’s choice, but her intended husband Flamur turns out to be a cruel, violent man. Luana tries to flee with Agim, but when that fails, she is left with only one option: an ancient custom that allows her to remain a virgin and live as a man.

Bujar Alimani, Albanië, Germany, 2021, 123 min. Albanian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Rina Krasniqi, Shkurte Sylejmani, Gresa Pallaska, Mimoza Azemi, Nik Xhelilaj..