Cinemini: Mijn Huis

Your home is your place, like a safe familiar skin around you. All houses are different. So are the houses in the films in this cheerful, poetic and colorful program.

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Little Sprout
Chaïtane Conversat, France, Switzerland, 2015, 10 min.
A girl lives alone in a small house. Every night, ants lift the house and take it to a new place. There, the girl captures beautiful flower patterns in the fields around the house, which she sews into dresses. One day, a seed falls from the sky into her mouth. She swallows it, and a flower grows and blooms from her navel. A poetic film with a beautiful drawing style and vibrant colors.

The Long-Living House
Svetlana Andrianova, Russia, 2017, 5 min.

A tall building is being constructed, the tallest in the world. It has many small apartments inside its belly. What does this tall house experience? Snowstorms, airplanes, the subway underground. There's a lot to see in this short film.

Little Star
Svetlana Andrianova, Russia, 2015, 5 min.

The little star lives in the sky, among the clouds with his MamaMoon. One evening, he falls to the earth for no reason. Everyone finds the little star very sweet and beautiful; they all want to have him. But the little star, what does he want? He wants to go back home, to his mama. Fortunately, MamaMoon can do anything.

, 2015, 20 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles.