Cinemini: Ik & Jij

A special program in which toddlers and preschoolers experience film and can play in a beautiful light landscape. This Cinemini program is about who you are and who the people around you are. Why do you sometimes feel alone when you are with others? And how can you have fun on your own?

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Googuri Googuri
Yoshiko Misumi, Japan, 2010, 8min.

Googuri is a self-made word, a secret that a little girl shares with her old grandfather. She loves being with her grandfather. Sometimes he is a mountain, other times a tree or the sea. In her endless imagination, she travels with him through her world full of imagination. Googuri Googuri is a film you feel, with a strong fluid drawing style. It paints a beautiful picture of the world through the eyes of a little child, a little person discovering everything.

Tiger Without Stripes
Raúl 'Robin' Morales Reyes, France, Switzerland, 2018, 9 min.
Little Tiger wants so much to play with the others. But he is missing stripes on his little body and therefore does not really belong. Because other tigers do have them and Tigger wants them too! So he goes on a journey in search of stripes for his fur. What will he find? The film is soft and calm in style with beautiful colors, fine music, and beautiful light play.

Fishing trip
Uzi Geffenblad, Sweden, 2017, 10 min.

Betty the cat goes out fishing. She is bored because she is alone. Everyone else - the snails, dragonflies, worms - are happily playing together. The banana birds are even three and the frog becomes friends with Betty's rubber boot. Betty fishes all kinds of things and suddenly gets an idea! This dreamy film shows how the feeling of languid boredom can turn into a beautiful adventure.

, 2023, 27 min. , Dutch subtitles.