Sporen van Indië – Midden in Nederland

Filmic documentary in which television personality Hans Goedkoop outlines the history of the Netherlands and the East Indies through the city of Amersfoort.

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After four centuries of shared history, nearly 10% of Dutch people have Indian blood in their family. The traces of this painful history can therefore be found throughout the whole of the Netherlands. Historian and documentary filmmaker Hans Goedkoop - of Indonesian descent himself - talks about these traces in the documentary SPOREN VAN INDIË – MIDDEN IN NEDERLAND. Goedkoop wrote the script and narrates the documentary, producer Reda van der Putten worked for two years on the preliminary research.

Many aspects of Indian-Dutch history are covered: the Indos and the Moluccans, the veterans and the Totoks, the plantations and the boarding houses.

Hans Goedkoop & Reda van der Putten, Netherlands, 2023, 71 min. Dutch spoken, without subtitles.