Splendid Isolation

Minimalist, allegorical film by Urszula Antoniak (Nothing Personal) about two lovers who depend on one another on a deserted island.

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The reason why the two women have fled to the island is shrouded in mystery. They move into a modern, abandoned house, purify sea water to drink and live off crabs that have surfaced. But why are they being spied on by drones and why is there a soundproof room in the basement of the house? In any case, Hannah is ill. She is taken care of by Anna at a distance or with gloves. Is it a deadly virus? The growing discomfort is becoming more and more palpable. When a mysterious person appears on the shore, their fears come true.

The main theme of the film – obviously inspired by the coronavirus pandemic – is distance and closeness and the guilt of having to leave your loved one. The contrast between light and dark comes out well in this mysterious story filmed almost in black and white. Think of Bergman for the atmosphere and combine it with the sounds of the surrounding nature. (av)

Urszula Antoniak, Netherlands, 2021, 80 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Anneke Sluiters, Khadija el Kharraz Alami, Abke Haring.