Snelwegkerk (+ voorfilm Tarikat)

An unexpectedly intimate ensemble film about the visitors of the most serene spots that can possibly be found along the German highway: ‘Highway Churches’.

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Unexpected revelations and intimate confessions in an unlikely location along the German highway: a chapel in a service area. In this creative documentary the personal stories of various chapel visitors are interwoven in a surprising way, showing the confrontation between the daily grind and our secret fears and passions.
The screening of SNELWEGKERK is preceded by the short film TARIKAT (Jasmijn Schrofer, Netherlands 2015, 17 min.), a visual poem that shows the endless journey to enlightenment. Called by a mystical dream, Derya enters the world of the Islamic Sufi tradition, where everything revolves around breath, rhythm and movement. Through hypnotic movements and uplifting, age-old hymns, souls mix in an ocean of silence.

This screening will be attended by director Elsbeth Fraanje and followed by a Q&A.

Elsbeth Fraanje, 2017, 53 min. German & Vlaams spoken, Dutch subtitles.