Saturday Night Fever

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of disco with this 1970s classic starring John Travolta as a working-class young man with an extraordinary talent for dance. Burn, Baby, Burn!

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SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER became the big break for Travolta. Thanks to this film, he became a teen idol; a status he reaffirmed a year later with GREASE. In SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, he plays the role of Tony Manero, a boy who works in a Brooklyn paint store during the day. At night, he puts on a white suit and platform-soled shoes and transforms into the king of the dance floor. At the disco, he meets Stephanie, who soon becomes his dance partner. They decide to enter a new dance competition with a top prize of $500.

Make no mistake: SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER consists of much more than Travolta’s fantastic dance moves and the music of The Bee Gees: it is also a pretty wry and tragic story about an unruly boy trying to extricate himself from the bad neighbourhood he grew up in.

The success of SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER created a boom in dance films, from FAME to FLASHDANCE and FOOTLOOSE. But those films will always remain in the shadow of this timeless classic.

Before the main film, we screen the short film:
Amy & May, Catherina Iosifidis, 2022, 10'
The friendship between two best friends is tested when they meet two boys while going out.

John Badham, 1977, 118 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Barry Miller, Joseph Call, Paul Pape..