Sensory, meditative film about the cycle of birth, life, death and reincarnation. The film takes us from the temples of Laos to the beaches of Zanzibar, guiding a soul in transit from one body to another.

Please note that this film is in Swahili and Lao, with Dutch subtitles.
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Laos. Dozens of teenagers are living and studying together in Buddhist temples. A young man crosses the river every day to read a text to an elderly woman that serves as a guide for finding one’s way through the afterlife. When the woman dies, her spirit begins a sensory journey towards reincarnation in its next body. To complete the journey, you have to entrust yourself to be carried away by the sound and light.

In this conversation held on the border between life, death and meditation, Lois Patiño continues his exploration of the image as an immersive experience. As in a film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, the cycle of birth, death and reincarnation coincides with the experience of watching. The act of seeing and of telling stories becomes a unique visionary experience that literally leads the viewer into another dimension. (source:

Lois Patiño, Spain, 2023, 113 min. Swahili & Lao spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Amid Keomany, Toumor Xiong, Simone Milavanh, Mariam Vuaa Mtego, Juwairiya Idrisa Uwesu..