Rules of War + discussion

On behalf of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Albert travels through South Sudan to teach war ethics to local soldiers. How does a theory relate to reality?

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The country that now belongs to South Sudan has for centuries been ravaged by war and colonial oppression. Soldiers, guns and fighting have become part of everyday life. The Dutch Albert traverses this beautiful but battered country on a speedboat. His mission is to remind the warring soldiers of the rules of war. These international rules of war must protect soldiers and civilians against atrocities. Armed with humor, conviction and miniature puppets, Albert reinforces his story as he addresses the soldiers. Mutual incomprehension is never far away, but that doesn't matter. The result is a study of the tenability of rules in the coldness of war, in the heart of nature.

After the movie, Wim Muller will give a short introduction on international humanitarian law and the role of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (ICRC). Protagonist Albert will join him on stage for a discussion on RULES OF WAR and his work for the ICRC.

Albert is a Dutch former diplomat and military. He teaches war ethics on behalf of the Red Cross to rebel groups. The documentary RULES OF WAR depicts his training in South Sudan.

Mr Dr Wim Muller works as an Assistant Professor of Public International Law at Maastricht University. His teaching and research interests the law of armed conflict, human rights, international dispute settlement, and the politics of international law.


19.15 Doors open
19.30 Start film
20.45 Start introduction Wim Muller
20.55 Start discussion
21.45 End of programme

This programme is a cooperation with Studium Generale Maastricht.

Guido Hendrikx, Netherlands, 2022, 58 min. English, Dinka & Nuer spoken, English subtitles.