Raofelren, Seer & ’t Leve

A poetic documentary about Maastricht and some of its inhabitants.

Please note that this film is in Limburgish (dialect), Dutch, Turkish and Syrian, with Dutch subtitles.
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ROAFELREN, SEER & ‘T LEVE shows Jelske, Osman, Brigitte, Lou, Philip and other people of Maastricht living their daily lives. Against the backdrop of the beautiful city of Maastricht the documentary shows how much they have in common, even though they are not related. They are people whose actions can inspire.

This documentary started from the idea that the inhabitants of a city determine how the city develops. Maastricht has more than 120,000 inhabitants. Every resident is unique, lives his or her life and is somehow attached to fellow Maastricht residents. This documentary shows some of the citizens of Maastricht. Through the eyes of these people, Maastricht is shown from a different perspective than usual.

Richard Dols, Netherlands, 2019, 63 min. Limburgish (local dialect), Dutch, Turkish & Syrian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Maarten van den Berg, Philipp Kirschfink, Jelske van Asseldonk.