Rafelrand: Limburgs laatste vrijhaven aan de kant

Landbouwbelang, Limburg's last great squat, is in danger of disappearing. This moving documentary follows four of its squatters in search of a future without Landbouwbelang.

Please note that this film is in Dutch and Limburg dialect, with Dutch subtitles.
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Once serving as a grain shipment facility, Landbouwbelang has since 2002 been occupied by a commune. Its many spaces and rooms house art studios, workshops, a food bank and a giveaway store. There are also the glorious parties, which draw hundreds of people from inside and outside the city every week. Now there are plans from the municipality to completely revamp the area where Landbouwbelang is located. In this scenario, Landbouwbelang will be sold to a property developer.

Documentary filmmaker Niena Bocken follows four prominent residents of Landbouwbelang for a year. These include Youri, currently the squat’s longest-serving resident, and ninety-year-old civil engineer Reinder, whose workshop has now been in Landbouwbelang for sixteen years. What does the disappearance of Landbouwbelang mean for them? And what does it mean for Maastricht?

Niena Bocken, Netherlands, 2023, 55 min. Dutch spoken, Dutch subtitles.