Only You

Intimate chronicle about a passionate and sensual relationship that starts out as a fairy tale, but is eventually overtaken by a painful reality.
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The 35-year-old Elena and the 26-year-old Jake accidentally meet on New Year’s Eve when they are waiting for a taxi. It’s love at first sight. Their relationship rages on with the pace of a high-speed train: they already live together within a few weeks and talks about a possible family soon follow. The future, however, turns out to run less smoothly than expected. The title of the film therefore cuts both ways: love can both create and fill a void. ONLY YOU beautifully exposes this dichotomy. With her well-placed humour and sense of tragedy, director Harry Wootliff – whose own life has many similarities with her first full-length film – proves to be a big talent in the genre of the modern relational drama. With the help of Laia Costa, a Spanish actress known for her outstanding role in VICTORIA, and newcomer Josh O’Connor, she breathes an overwhelming authenticity into her characters.
Harry Wootliff, UK, 2018, 119 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Laia Costa, Josh O'Connor, Stuart Martin.
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