Official Competition 1: Shift in Affection incl. Q&A

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Michael Schmidl, Documentary, Austria, 2018, 20 min.
Aloneness portrays 4 people with a different view on loneliness and gives a sweeping insight into this personal and publicly untouched world. Is being alone positive or negative?

Jane Dog
Koen Blauwblomme, Experimental, Belgium, 2017, 19 min
JANE DOG is a psychological thriller with a metaphysical edge in which a dysfunctional couple receives strange tapes that drag them into a sinister and violent plot by a strange man. Tapes that give them visions of Joan of Arc and their unresolved traumas.

Larry Erens, Fiction, Belgium, 2018, 14 min.
When two drug couriers have to pick up a teddy bear filled with drugs, everything goes wrong when a little girl accidentally picks up the stuffed animal first and brings it with her.

Il Silenzio Delle Cicale
Veronika Schoberer, Experimental, Germany, 2018, 10 min.
A short, metaphorical drama about the complexities of guilt, solitude, lust and self-reflection. A young man meets a woman at an abandoned swimming pool. Does his imagination play a trick on him?

Pale Blue Me
Theresa Haas & Maurice Miller, Experimental, Austria, 2017, 10 min.
One day a young aspiring artist finds a piece of artistic photography called the “Pale Blue Dot” where the Earth is taken from a distance of 6 billion kilometers and appears as a tiny blue dot surrounded by the infinite universe, making the artist realize her insignificance.

diverse, 2018, 90 min. , without subtitles.