SHIFT Film Festival

For the fourth year in a row SHIFT Film Festival has been the home for new filmmakers and industry professionals from all over the world. With curated film selections, intensive coaching, workshops, networking events and unique program sections the festival has grown into a great temporary home for those who make films and those who love to know more about the art of filmmaking.

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The 2018 edition is held under the motto ‘Shift in Perspectives’. Not only the filming industry is changing rapidly, but also our society and culture. Our film selection focuses on themes surrounding shifts in affection and tolerance, during a panel-discussion we will talk about the position of women in film in this post #MeToo era and we challenge our visiting filmmakers to make shifts in their filmmaking skills in our FilmCampus, coachings-sessions and workshops.

All the films are available with English subtitles. Q&A's will also be in English.


01 Aloneness Still 1 4206 1540894490

Official Competition 1: Shift in Affection incl. Q&A

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Michael Schmidl, Documentary, Austria, 2018, 20 min.
Aloneness portrays 4 people with a different view on loneliness and gives a sweeping insight into this personal and publicly untouched world. Is being alone positive or negative?

Jane Dog
Koen Blauwblomme, Experimental, Belgium, 2017, 19 min
JANE DOG is a psychological thriller with a metaphysical edge in which a dysfunctional couple receives strange tapes that drag them into a sinister and violent plot by a strange man. Tapes that give them visions of Joan of Arc and their unresolved traumas.

Larry Erens, Fiction, Belgium, 2018, 14 min.
When two drug couriers have to pick up a teddy bear filled with drugs, everything goes wrong when a little girl accidentally picks up the stuffed animal first and brings it with her.

Il Silenzio Delle Cicale
Veronika Schoberer, Experimental, Germany, 2018, 10 min.
A short, metaphorical drama about the complexities of guilt, solitude, lust and self-reflection. A young man meets a woman at an abandoned swimming pool. Does his imagination play a trick on him?

Pale Blue Me
Theresa Haas & Maurice Miller, Experimental, Austria, 2017, 10 min.
One day a young aspiring artist finds a piece of artistic photography called the “Pale Blue Dot” where the Earth is taken from a distance of 6 billion kilometers and appears as a tiny blue dot surrounded by the infinite universe, making the artist realize her insignificance.

diverse, 2018, 90 min. , without subtitles.

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Still Paradogma 4213 1540894763

Film | Paradogma incl. discussion & Q&A

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Marijn Poels, Documentary, Germany, 2018, 90 min.

What is strangling debate? How liberal is the West? Should we ignore or embrace other perspectives? A critical, thought-provoking journey through ancient tribal conflicts, in a new era wherein world views clash and free speech crumbles under pressure to conform.
Paradogma is the second part in the planned trilogy by Award-winning documentary filmmaker Marijn Poels.

After the screening Marijn Poels will discuss this topic with Leo Hauben (L1 Chief Editor) and the audience.

Marijn Poels, 2018, 120 min. , without subtitles.

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01 Digita Trauma Still 2 4220 1540895561

Official Competition 2: Shift in Tolerance incl. Q&A

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Digital Trauma
Maria Molina, Experimental Documentary, Netherlands, 2017, 8 min.
If we can access our past at any given moment, to what extent can we get rid of it and look ahead? What consequences do the access to a digital memory have for post-conflict societies?

Hiroki Yokoyama, Experimental, United Kingdom, 2017, 9 min.
London of the future. New criminal laws for ex-offenders are enacted. Under these new laws, open surveillance, public announcements and live information detail their identity and previous convictions by using existing and emerging technologies through various mediums.

Samia Badih, Documentary, United Arab Emirates, 2017, 10 min.
When a spoken word poet Farah Chamma was 17 she became an online sensation after her poems went viral. A well-known poet today, Farah finds her poetry at odds with the world she lives in.

After Dawn
Nicolas Graux, Fiction, Belgium, 2017, 24 min.
Pawel is absolutely positive that separation has completely dampened his feelings for the young man he was in love with. But when he finds an unexpected visitor at home one rainy afternoon, it turns out it might all have been a little different.

Who Am I?
Rose Hanawi, Experimental Documentary, Netherlands, 2018, 7 min.
This short film explores the feeling of identity and belonging from the point of view of the young generation of Dutch people whose parents come from a different culture. It is the internal identity conflict that affects a significant part of the new generations of the Western world and is of a growing nature due to the reality of emigration happening actually.

Fucking Cola
Sophie van de Pol, Fiction, Netherlands, 2018, 10 min.
The seriously stammering Stef drives to his grandmother’s birthday party in Limburg with his mother and elder brother. Safely ensconced in his family, he can express himself almost effortlessly. He announces that he intends to tell grandma the good news about his studies himself. But once they have arrived at the cackling family, Stef is unable get a word in edgeways. He is fed up.

Ready For a Baby
Anastasia Dyakova, Animation, Australia, 2017, 5 min.
A young woman in her thirties feels very happy and excited – she has a partner, everything in her life is under control, so now is the perfect time to have a baby. It should be easy and natural, with love and fun and everything else… right?

diverse, 2018, 90 min. , without subtitles.

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01 Bronsttijd Still 17 4228 1540897153

Made in Limburg and Award Show

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Made in Limburg premières

Thomas Paschenegger, Fiction, Netherlands, 2018, 21 min.
A coming-of-age film about a married couple in their fifties. During a weekend in the Veluwe region with their son and his new love they are forced to reflect on themselves and their relationship.

Tot Inkeer
Vincent Konings, Fiction, Netherlands, 2018, 12 min.
After the loss of his loved ones the medieval knight Gerlachus decides to exchange his sword for a penitent and solitary life.

* This film will be shown in a special cast-crew premiere.

Guido Coppis, Fiction, Netherlands, 2018, 18 min.
This one-taker shows you a grasping and disturbing family-drama in 18 minutes.

* This film will be shown in a special cast-crew premiere.

Voor Galg en Rad
Paul Haans & Jeroen Wielheesen, Fiction, Netherlands, 2018, 15 min.
South Limburg, 18th century. People starve and are exploited by the ruling powers. Poverty and oppression prevail. The Buckrider’s captain Mathias Ponts tries to provide for his family as best he can. When he is arrested his son is left to himself.

*This film will be shown in a special cast-crew premiere.

Award Show
A jury consisting of Edward Stelder, Anna Pauwels and Annelies van Woerden and a youth jury will announce the Best Short Film and Best Euregion filmmaker!

diverse, 2018, 150 min. , without subtitles.

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