Oema Foe Sranan (Women of Suriname) + Discussion

Political documentary from 1978 – the first documentary about Suriname in Sranantongo – about the struggle of four Surinamese women against misjudgement, exploitation and poverty. Including a discussion.

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OEMA FOE SRANAN (Women of Suriname) follows four women, Jetty, Sonja, Somai and Sylvie, who fight against the poverty they experience daily. Through their personal stories, they provide insight into the history of (neo)colonialism and discrimination in Suriname and the Netherlands. The causes of poverty are portrayed using quotes from WIJ SLAVEN VAN SURINAME by Surinamese writer and activist Anton de Kom.

OEMA FOE SRANAN Is an indictment of the Netherlands’ role as coloniser and of foreign companies that enrich themselves in Suriname but leave the country destitute. The film shows a struggling rather than a suffering people. This documentary was unavailable for many years, but has recently been restored and can therefore be rediscovered – just like the work of Anton de Kom.

The documentary will be followed by a conversation with Nadia Tilon and Kenneth Soeleman, both ex-LOSON members. LOSON stands for Landelijk Overleg van Surinaamse Organisaties in Nederland, which can be translated as National Consultation of Surinamese Organisations in the Netherlands. The conversation will be moderated by Luna Hupperetz, IDFA Program Producer and curator (language: English).


19.15 - Doors open
19.30 - Start introduction
19.40 - Start short film 'Strijd op 16mm'
19.55 - Start Oema Foe Sranan
20.55 - Start discussion
21.30 - End

At van Praag, Netherlands, 1978, 56 min. Dutch & Sranantongo spoken, English subtitles.