Les Enfants Des Autres

Romantic drama starring Virginie Efira as a teacher who wants to be a good stepmother to her new boyfriend's daughter, but also rediscovers her own desire to have children.

Please note that this film is in French, with Dutch subtitles.
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Rachel meets Ali during a guitar lesson. Soon they are madly in love. Rachel also bonds with Leila, Ali’s four-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. She tucks her to bed, cares for her, loves her like her own. But to love other people’s children is risky. 

In LES ENFANTS DES AUTRES, director Rebecca Zlotowski addresses questions that a lot of people are familiar with, but that are rarely addressed in films. What does it mean to be a stepparent to your partner’s children? How do you deal with a child with whom you have no blood ties, but with whom you have a sort of parent-child relationship? What does parenthood actually mean? 

Zlotowski based this film on her own experiences as a stepmother with a desire to have children. The film’s theme is reinforced by the fact that Rachel is a teacher: even in her work, she is looking after other people's children.

Rebecca Zlotowski, France, 2022, 103 min. French spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Virginie Efira, Roschdy Zem, Chiara Mastroianni, Callie Ferreira-Goncalves, Yamée Couture..