When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (10+)

German family film about a nine-year-old girl who has to flee Berlin with her parents in 1933, based on the moving life story of writer Judith Kerr.

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Anna is too busy with school and her friends to realise that the world is about to explode. Posters depicting Hitler are popping up all over Berlin and the atmosphere of riots hangs in the streets. When her father, a Jewish journalist, disappears, it is time for Anna’s family to flee. They leave Germany in a hurry. In the rush, Anna forgets her cuddly toy, a pink rabbit.

The symbolic loss of the pink rabbit was used by author Judith Kerr in her book WHEN HITLER STOLE PINK RABBIT to tell how she felt when she fled Nazi Germany as a child. A familiar theme for director Caroline Link. She won an Oscar in 2003 for NOWHERE IN AFRICA, about the fate of German refugees who had to build a new life elsewhere in the 1930s. Once again, Link manages to combine family, war, and refugee drama in a beautiful way.

Caroline Link, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, 2020, 112 min. German spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Riva Krymalowski, Marinus Hohmann, Carla Juri, Oliver Masucci, Justus von Dohnányi.