Four Horsemen (in collaboration with PINE Maastricht)

In this shocking documentary, writer and debuting director Ross Ashcroft exposes the four horsemen of the modern Apocalypse. After the screening there will be a discussion, lead by Julian Marenz from PINE (Pluralism in Economics).

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According to the director, the decline of the Western world is of a Biblical greatness. The four horsemen are the banking crisis, the threat of terrorism, poverty and environmental issues. With the help of the sharp visions of twenty-three international thinkers – established economists and scientists – Ashcroft explains how the modern world works and why there is still hope of re-establishing a morally just society. FOUR HORSEMEN is averse to mainstream propaganda, does not give a blow to politics and does not enter the field of conspiracy theories. In short, Ashcroft thinks in possibilities, not in limitations. As such he opens the debate on a new economic paradigm that could improve the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. The Apocalypse can, thank goodness, still be averted.

PINE is a student-driven initiative at Maastricht University that wants to foster debate about pluralist economics and improve the economics curriculum in order to include a plurality of perspectives. This screening of FOUR HORSEMEN will add to this debate.

Ross Ashcroft, UK, 2019, 97 min. English spoken, without subtitles. With Dominic Frisby, Gillian Tett, Lawrence Wilkerson.