Final Account - English subtitled

Documentary in which ordinary Germans and Austrians who sided with the Nazis during World War II tell their stories.

NB: Note: The screening will be preceded by the short film MÉMOIRE D'UN SOLDAT
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History is written by the winners, but in this, his magnum opus, British filmmaker Luke Holland’s aim is the exact opposite. He has collected the testimonies of Germans and Austrians who sided with the Nazis during the Second World War. Some did so out of a strong conviction, others were complacent, or scared. These were not senior officers or political leaders, but ordinary citizens and soldiers.

Holland worked on FINAL ACCOUNT for more than a decade, and shortly after completing it he died, aged 71. He spoke with almost 300 people and collected many hundreds of hours of material that is now stored in various archives. The selection from that material making up this film shows the many ways in which people deal with the immense burden of guilt. Only a few of them tackle the subject head-on. Most dismiss it, downplay their role, or blankly deny any of it took place.

At no point does Holland seek to provoke confrontation. He simply allows these ordinary people in the twilight of their lives to tell their story. The sedate tone of their outpourings makes them even more shocking. (source:

Mémoire d'un Soldat
Willem Kagenaar, Joachim Plusquin, Netherlands 2023, 18 min., Dutch language, English subtitles.
Pierre is looking at some old photographs of his dad René Cremers. René died bravely in battle during the German invasion of Fort Eben-Emael, but Pierre is disappointed by the fact that people seem to have forgotten so easily what the war cost him and many others. He feels misunderstood until he meets Yara, a new nurse from his elderly home.

Luke Holland, UK, USA, 2020, 94 min. German spoken, English subtitles.