Falling For Figaro

Romantic comedy about the successful Millie and the petulant Max who are preparing for an opera singer’s competition in the Scottish Highlands.

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Millie, played by Joanna Lumley, is a brilliant young fund manager who leaves her unfulfilling job and long-term boyfriend to chase her lifelong dream of becoming an opera singer… in the Scottish Highlands. She begins intense vocal training lessons with renowned but fearsome singing teacher and former opera diva Meghan Geoffrey-Bishop. It is there she meets Max, another of Meghan’s students who is also training for the upcoming ‘Singer of Renown’ contest. What begins as a brutal competition between Millie and Max slowly turns into something more.

This romantic story, set in beautiful surroundings, will provide a carefree, relaxing experience for many viewers.

Ben Lewin, Australia, UK, USA, 2020, 105 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Danielle Macdonald, Joanna Lumley, Hugh Skinner, Shazad Latif, Gary Lewis.