Dead & Beautiful

Artistic vampire drama about five wealthy youngsters from Taipei who concoct the most bizarre experiences for each other. Until one morning they wake up with long vampire teeth.

Please note that this film is in English and Mandarin, with Dutch subtitles.
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Super-rich and bored out of their minds, Lulu and her twenty-something group of friends Anastacia, Bin Ray and Alexander are reunited when Mason returns back home, after having been away studying at a prestigious American university. Celebrating his return in style, they embark on a devil-may-care weekend of partying and excess.

As their thrill-seeking slowly spirals out of control, Lulu finds herself attracted to Mason and pitted against her boyfriend Alexander. After one particularly wild night, the friends wake up from their drunken stupor with a bizarre discovery: each of them has grown a pair of vampire teeth.

Bewildered at first, the group realises they feel even stronger, more attractive and more invincible than ever before. As they strain to make sense of their new situation, they lose themselves in a twisted game, taking their new vampire skills to the streets. But in this new kind of nightlife, with the limits of life, love and death greatly blurred, it dawns on the group that they can no longer trust the friendships they had. Nobody can be sure what the other knows, or what this vampire business is all about – or, for that matter, if any of this is even real.

David Verbeek, Netherlands, Taiwan, 2021, 98 min. English & Mandarin spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Gijs Blom, Philip Juan, Anna Marchenko, Yen Tsao, Aviis Zhong.