De Acht Bergen

Compelling film adaptation of Paolo Cognetti’s bestseller about the special friendship between city boy Pietro and Bruno, a boy from the mountains.

Please note that this film is in Italian, with Dutch subtitles.
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During a summer stay in the heart of the Aosta Valley, eleven-year-old city boy Pietro makes the acquaintance of Bruno, a cowherd of the same age. Together, these adventurous boys explore the abandoned houses of the mountain village and follow a wild river. Twenty years later, they’ve taken different paths: Pietro has travelled the world as a documentary filmmaker, while Bruno has stayed behind in his village. Pietro returns to find refuge in the tranquillity of the mountains. He also wants to try to reconcile with his past.

This gently meandering, melancholic film is an ode to friendship but is also about relationships and the ability to love.

Felix van Groeningen & Charlotte Vandermeersch, Italy, Belgium, France, 2022, 147 min. Italian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Alessandro Borghi, Luca Marinelli, Filippo Timi, Elisabetta Mazulli.