Dag Van De Korte Film 2019

On Thursday December 21 – the shortest day of the year – Lumière once more participates in the European Day of the Short Film. The programme consists of a compilation (86 min.) of some of the best Dutch shorts of the past year.

Please note that this compilation programme is in Dutch, without subtitles.
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The films:

Human Nature
Sverre Fredriksen, Netherlands 2019, 2 min., animation
A short animation film about the love animals have for people, and the harm they consciously or unconsciously cause to us.

En Route
Marit Weerheijm, Netherlands 2019, 11 min.
When 9-year-old Inay and her little brother have to join their father on a special trip, she tries everything to cause a delay. She knows that if they arrive late at their destination, she will be rewarded with loads of sweet desserts.

Isabel Lamberti, Netherlands 2019, 24 min.
A father undertakes a road trip with his almost adult son that he has not seen for six years. How this came about is gradually clarified in this documentary, while the two try to mend their relationship.

Mind My Mind
Floor Adams, Netherlands 2019, 30 min., animation
When you have Asperger’s and rely on social scripts, it is not easy to deviate from them. Especially if you are obsessed with German dive bombers and just want a date.

The Walking Fish
Thessa Meijer, Netherlands 2019, 19 min.
An ambitious amphibian wants to discover the world of humans. Her desire is so strong that she transforms into a human. But even as a young woman, she keeps striving for more. Will she ever be satisfied?

, 2019, 86 min. , without subtitles.