Butterfly Vision - English subtitled

Sensitive Ukrainian drama about Lilia, a young woman who returns to her family after several months of captivity in Donbas, but is haunted by her war memories.

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Returning from a war zone, Lilia (code-named Butterfly, a 28-year-old aerial reconnaissance expert, finds herself misunderstood both by her newly radicalised husband and a world where the war seems distant. Maksym Nakonechnyi’s striking debut film is both an impressive account of Lilia’s attempts to reintegrate into a largely uncomprehending society and a formally inventive take on her mental condition. Co-written by Irina Tsilyk, who made the award-winning THE EARTH IS BLUE AS AN ORANGE, the film’s many themes ranging from misogyny to abortion all arise naturally from its social observation. A sensitive and nuanced drama with an impressive performance by Rita Burkovska as Lilia, BUTTERFLY VISION combines drone, social media and television footage with an inventive industrial inspired music score to create an astonishing sense of disorientation.

Maksym Nakonechnyi, Croatia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ukraine, 2022, 107 min. Ukrainian, English & Russian spoken, English subtitles. With Rita Burkovska, Lyubomyr Valivots, Myroslava Vytrykhovska-Makar, Natalya Vorozhbit, Miroslav Gai..