Road movie about a young woman who travels to Georgia to visit her father’s grave. She runs into his childhood friend Levan, for whom she soon starts to develop romantic feelings.

Please note that this film is in Dutch, English and Georgian with Dutch subtitles.
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When Bo travels to Georgia to visit the grave of her father, a famous trumpeter, she runs into his childhood friend Levan. Searching for her roots and a better understanding of her father, she joins the mysterious Levan in his truck and together they drive through the stunning Georgian landscape. Despite their age difference, they cautiously give in to the love they feel for each other. Accompanied by her father’s melancholic trumpet tones, the blossoming love between Bo and Levan eventually makes them dare to share their darkest secrets.

BO by director Joost van Ginkel has been selected as the closing film of the Netherlands Film Festival. Earlier, the filmmaker presented his debut 170 HZ at the festival, also starring Gaite Jansen. The film won the Golden Calf Audience Award. With his second film, THE PARADISE SUITE, Van Ginkel again won prizes in Utrecht: the film won three Golden Calfs, including Best Film.

Joost van Ginkel, Netherlands, 2021, 93 min. Dutch, English & Georgian spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Gaite Jansen, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Rati Tsiteladze.