Ali & Ava

An endearing, romantic and musical drama by Clio Barnard (The Selfish Giant) about an impossible love in the drab industrial city of Bradford.

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Both lonely for different reasons, Ali and Ava meet through their shared affection for Sofia, the child of Ali’s Slovakian tenants, whom Ava teaches. Despite their differences in age, social class, cultural background and musical taste, Ali finds comfort in Ava’s warmth and kindness, and Ava finds Ali’s complexity and humour irresistible. Over a lunar month, they find a way to appreciate each other’s musical taste, symbolizing the deep connection that grows between them. However, the legacy of Ava’s past relationship and Ali’s emotional turmoil at the breakdown of his marriage begins to overshadow their newfound passion.

Enveloped in music and imbued with humour, ALI & AVA is a compelling contemporary love story.

Clio Barnard, UK, 2021, 95 min. English spoken, Dutch subtitles. With Adeel Akhtar, Claire Rushbrook, Ellora Tarchia, Shaun Thomas, Natalie Gavin..