3. Central America | Canceled

When peace comes to the subcontinent of Central America in 1996 after 36 years of civil war, a period of cultural revival and flourishing begins. The medium of film has existed for one hundred years by then, war reporting is in abundance, but the film history of the autonomous countries of Central America is just beginning.

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Due to illness, this lecture has been canceled. A new date will be scheduled; ticket holders will be notified by email. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In this lecture, Dr. Jasper Vanhaelemeesch discusses film production in Central America. He considers the subcontinent as a tapestry of interconnected diversity. In his lecture, he discusses the arthouse films we are familiar with in the West, but also films that have had commercial success in Central America. He focuses on film production. Due to very small budgets, the film sector is pre-eminently collective effort, where knowledge, culture and political ideas are exchanged. Vanhaelemeesch links this film culture to a critique of third cinema versus third worldism and explains how critically analysing film and your own prejudices is a form of mini-activism.

Date: Monday, March 20, 19.30

Lector: Dr. Jasper Vanhaelemeesch

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